Bathroom Remodeling
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Making Your Dream a Reality

Whether you prefer post-modern industrial or traditional opulence, we can transform your bathroom into the embodiment of your personal taste and style. You can be as hands on or hands off as you like, choosing the faucet styles, tub depth, and sink design or providing us pictures of bathrooms that suit your taste and allowing us to create a design just for you. Want your tub where your toilet was or your single vanity turned into a double vanity? We will make any change you desire and ensure all new piping is installed correctly. Your satisfaction is our highest priority, and we want you to enjoy your new bathroom for years to come.

The Functionality Beneath the Aesthetics

While we of course want you to fall in love with the appearance of your bathroom, it is equally important to ensure the quality of the work beneath the surface. We’ve all seen or heard about houses that have been quickly flipped only to have the new owner discover all of the shoddy work that has been covered up—cracks painted over, an AC unit that stops working after a month, a toilet that springs a leak. While your neighborhood handyman may be able to offer you a great deal on your bathroom remodel, the chances are that you will end up paying much more in repairs. With Total Plumbing Solutions, we guarantee our work and ensure every step is completed to perfection. A quick perusal of our Google reviews will prove the veracity of this promise.



Thoughts to Consider When Planning Your Bathroom Remodel

  • Do you want a single vanity or double vanity?
  • Do you want a traditional sink inset in the counter or a vessel sink, a beautiful glass bowl or porcelain rectangular sink sitting atop the counter?
  • Do you want a clawfoot tub or an alcove tub?
  • Do you want a traditional shower or a multi-jet experience?
  • Do you want a high efficiency, white porcelain toilet or do you want a bidet and dryer which will turn into a guest conversation piece?
  • Are you happy with the current layout or would a different layout suit your needs better?

Plumbing Services

  • Plumbing Repair
  • Water Heater Repair
  • Bathroom Remodel
  • Faucets & Garbage Disposals
  • Leak Detection – $300 min.
  • Repiping
  • Sewer Repair
  • Toilets
  • Slab Leaks
  • Sump Pumps


CALL 813-337-0900

Total Plumbing Solutions Promise To You

100% Service Guarantee

We stand behind our work. Whether the job is big or small, we guarantee our work for a whole year. This means that should a part we install fail you, we will come out again, free of charge, and handle the problem. When a faulty part comes with a warranty, we deal directly with the parts company so you don’t have to. We don’t charge you for any additional labor when this occurs as the fault lies with the manufacturer, not with you. However, though we provide this 100% Service Guarantee, you’ll more than likely never have to use it. We take pride in providing quality parts and making sure every installation is completed with precision.

Timely Communication

We never leave you wondering when we’ll arrive. Of course, customers come first. When you schedule with us, we provide a 2-hour arrival time window. This ensures that we are respectful of your time while also guaranteeing that we don’t leave the previous job before it’s 100% complete. Our plumbers will call you when they are on their way and will openly communicate if a prior job is taking longer than expected. When we arrive, we will then give the same care and attention to your needs.

Transparent Pricing

No unexpected fees or hidden costs. There’s nothing worse than receiving an estimate only to discover that the final bill far exceeds it. Our plumbers will tell you upfront how much parts and labor will cost. When there is uncertainty as to which part may need replacing, you will be given the best and worst-case scenario, so you can make a fully informed decision. Should a problem be discovered in the middle of a job, you will be informed of any financial impact it may have right away. The key is open communication, and we will never hide any fees from you. You deserve to have the job done right, and we are upfront about how much the parts and labor required will cost.

No Mess Left Behind

It’s like we were never there. Plumber’s crack and a trail of debris just isn’t our style. We take pride in our appearance and work, arriving professionally dressed in a fully-stocked truck ready to tackle any problem. Once the job is complete, you won’t find any evidence of us having been there with the exception, of course, of your problem having been fixed. Our customers are always impressed by our clean work areas, polite demeanor, and professional appearance. You should always feel comfortable with whomever you invite into your home, and we make every effort to be as unobtrusive and respectful as possible.

24/7 Emergency Service

Consider yourself lucky if a pipe bursts between 9-5 on a weekday. Emergencies rarely happen at a convenient time, which is why we offer 24/7 emergency service no matter the time or day at no extra charge to you. You don’t just want the only plumber available, you need the best. In emergencies, we’re both. Other companies, if they even answer the phone, will charge an additional fee for the hassle of adipex online. We know life happens, and we won’t overcharge you because of when it does. You can expect quality work no matter the time, every time.

Transparency In Our Service

Regardless of what type of service you need, we are committed to performing each job properly and carefully the first time. Once a plumbing contractor determines the problem, he will clearly explain all your options. Every plumber we employ is honest and dependable, so you can rest assured that you’ll receive straightforward and reliable advice from start to finish. Our main goal is to gain the ongoing trust and loyalty of our customers.